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Lake and Pond Digging in Nacogdoches & Garrison, TX

At T-5 we really have a passion for lake/pond construction. Water adds value to property, especially when the lake or pond is built right. We have completed small quarter acre ponds all the way up to 50+ acre lakes. Every project is different but with our knowledge and expertise and the skill of our operators we can make your dream body of water come true.

T-5 can not only build your lake/pond, we can also help plan it. We have state-of-the-art survey equipment to help figure out how much dirt needs to be moved, where the water level of the pond will be, optimal placement of the dam, water depth and so much more.

What is the end result you wish to accomplish with your body of water? Are you wanting to grow trophy size fish, create a clean place to swim, have easy maintenance on the shoreline, or trap large quantities of water? Maybe you just wish to add value to your property in the most cost effective manner, let our knowledge and expertise work for you.

Our equipment list is well suited for lake/pond construction. We have numerous tractor and pans capable of moving 17+ yards of material at a time, various size dozers and track-hoes, along with specialty equipment such as back-hoes, water trucks, maintainers, etc.

We are eager to fulfill all over your pond digging needs, Give us a call today.